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Siri - Triple Play

Posted on: December 17, 2014
Triple Play

SCORE's crack experts in shipping and handling are hard at work in the warehouse when their supervisor comes in to have his morning scream at them. He also informs them that a new hire is coming in, a really hard worker, and if they want to keep their jobs, they'll shape up quick. Little do they know who that new hire is. Her name is Siri. And she looks suspiciously like that new model Siri who conquered SCORELAND the first day she showed up. When she shows up for work, Siri already puts these two goldbricks to shame. But Siri is having a problem getting a box up on a high shelf. She keeps trying and every time she tries, her big boobs bounce out of her blouse. The two bums are breastnotized. When Siri packs a box, they're spellbound. The daily grind of these two dudes is about to change. Siri approaches them on one of their many rest periods and tells them that she knows they've been checking out her boobs. In fact, she reassures them that it's fine. And to prove it, she begins to suck both of their cocks right there in the break room. A nearby couch makes a good altar of lust as they take turns filling Siri's coochy and mouth. The fringe benefits at this job are fantastic! They'll never have another complaint at work again while Siri is their co-worker. After teaching these miscreants the value of hard labor, teamwork and cooperation, Siri, you're hired!

Triple Play

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Nikki Smith - Nikki's Knockers Need To Be Fucked

Posted on: December 15, 2014
Nikki's Knockers Need To Be Fucked

We not only take care of our models' transportation, meals and lodging, we force the male models to message them with the lotion of their choice. Nikki Smith prefers an oil massage. All we ask is that we get to photograph the proceedings.

Mr. Largo is a true gentleman to ask if he can remove the towel from Nikki's ass and get to work on it after he has done her neck and back. He pours a liberal amount of oil on Nikki's butthole and vagina. Then he fingers her. That's not in the TSG model's massage guidebook but Nikki is definitely not complaining about this digital technique.

Nikki turns over so her chest can be rubbed down. Another generous pour of the oil over her 45-inchers and Nikki is gagging for more hands-on body therapy. She loves to have her breasts palmed and rubbed. Her sounds of pleasure are punctuated by giggles. She says that he's enjoying this massage as much as she is. A woman can always tell. Largo even mini-massages Nikki's nipples. They harden by the second under this fingering as her body tingles.

Nikki gets on her hands and knees. Ass up, her 38H hooters hang and dangle like clappers, waiting for more hand treatments. They are kneaded and squeezed as they hang. He returns to her spankable ass and shaved, pierced vagina, once again fingering her oily snatch-hole. Both of them can't take much more of this. Something has to give.

And that something is his zipper. Nikki pulls his dick out and opens her mouth wide for his big sausage. She swallows it with delight. We knew this was gonna happen! Can't trust these guys. They just cannot resist Nikki Smith. She's too hot, too sexy. Sorry, this massage will resume at a later date!

Nikki's Knockers Need To Be Fucked

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Trixie Blu - Trixie turns the vanilla

Posted on: December 12, 2014
Trixie turns the vanilla

When Juan hears Trixie, a 48-year-old wife from Ohio, talking on the phone about going to a swingers club, he's intrigued.

"My girlfriend really doesn't know about that, and I've always wanted to talk to her," he says.

Trixie has a plan.

"Why don't you bring her by tonight, and I'll have a talk with her?" she says. "I'm really good at turning vanillas."

Flash-forward to a few hours later. Trixie is dressed to go out in a very short skirt and a top that reveals a good portion of her tits. Meanwhile, Ava, Juan's 19-year-old girlfriend, is sitting on his lap, but she's not sitting on the hard-on portion of his lap. She's sitting on his leg. Yipes, what's wrong with these young girls? And she's dressed like she's going to a picnic. She doesn't know what a swingers club is. Trixie explains. It's a nightclub where people fuck.

"I can teach you how to get started," Trixie says.

"Right now?" Ava asks.

Right now! Trixie and Ava kiss. Trixie eats Ava's vagina. They share cock. Trixie sucks cock while Ava eats her vagina. The girls take turns fucking. Ava eats Trixie's vagina while getting fucked.

"Oh, eat that vagina!" Trixie moans.

The scene ends with Trixie eating cum off of Ava's vagina mound. Because that's what swinging MILFs do. They turn vanillas and eat cum.

Trixie turns the vanilla

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Summer Sinn's Greatest Tits

Posted on: December 10, 2014
Summer Sinn's Greatest Tits

SCORE's editors have known the formula for domestic bliss since 2005. Her name is Summer Sinn. Give all men a wife like Summer and there would be such peace, joy and happiness in the home that the very concept of divorce would be met with the mass reply, "Fuck, no!" Sadly, there is only one Summer Sinn and several billion males. Happily, Summer decided to go into the exciting field of big-bust modeling and let us watch her perform her mouth and mammary magic. Over the years, Summer has scared the living shit out of us by talking about getting a breast reduction. So far, this dreaded event has yet to happen, knock wood. In this video we call Summer Sinn's Greatest breasts, Summer does what she is so expert at: emptying the bloated balls of horn dogs and tit-lovers with her amazing, huge, 43-inch, 34GG torpedoes and vacuum-cleaner of a sweet, hot mouth. Scene one is from My breasts Open All Doors. Scene two is from Scoring Summer Sinn in the DVD Stacked & Suckin'. Scene three is from A Sinnful Body in the DVD Busty Cock Worshippers #2. Scene four is from the DVD Sweater Stretchers with Morgan Leigh toying her beaver while Summer is fed the dick and boob-banged. When Summer says "Cum all over my big titties," just do it. Because she's Summer Sinn. All breasts. All mouth. All right!

Summer Sinn's Greatest Tits

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Michelle Bond - Kitten In Chains

Posted on: December 08, 2014
Kitten In Chains

Michelle Bond is not in prison. It just looks like it for a few seconds. But she is in decorative chains. They attach her wrists to her neck. Michelle ambles over to a saucer of milk on the floor and gets on her hands and knees. She leans forward and licks it, then dips her big boobs into the saucer. She holds them up. Who would not want to lick off her fleshy globes? "Would you like to see me pour the milk all over my tits? Your wish is my command," Michelle says. She lifts the saucer and pours the milk all over her huge knockers. She lies back on a couch and rubs and spreads her beaver lips and clit. Michelle has brought along her not-so-little friend, a long, brown, prick-shaped dildo. She opens her legs a little more and begins working the dick into her box, faster and faster, deeper and deeper.

Kitten In Chains

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Busty Arianna's SeXXXy Time

Posted on: December 05, 2014
Busty Arianna's SeXXXy Time

From the ancient, fertile land known today as Romania comes one of the greatest topheavy beauties to ever undress for a camera. Busty brunette lovely Arianna Sinn is the kind of woman that nobles fought for and every man coveted throughout history. It was a great day when SCORE traveled to Europe and photographed her. Since then, Arianna has become a major model in our big-bust world. In this scene, Arianna shows how she takes care of the cock in a session that's sure to churn the old nut-butter. A free-spirited young woman, Arianna talks about sex with an open attitude that is very typical of the liberated European female. "I think I initiate sex. I love to be in command. But once it starts, I like the man to be a little more aggressive. I can make sex happen, but then I like him to tell me what he wants and do what he wants with me. But sometimes, I will take control. I love to shake my boobs in a man's face and see his reaction. One time, I tried to smother a man with my boobs. if I am giving him a blow job, he should cum in my mouth, and if we are fucking, he should cum in my cunt, unless he wants to cum on my boobs. That is fun, too!" Join today for the world's hottest and best collection of photo shoots and videos starring this great Romanian delight, a woman that men build pedestals for and artists create statues of.

Busty Arianna's SeXXXy Time

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Raven Sky - Two Girls, One Cock

Posted on: December 03, 2014
Two Girls, One Cock

Raven Sky and Sweet Sinsacion are bff's. That's booty friends forever, for those of you not in the know. They share everything; clothes, accessories, makeup...cock. These ladies are so close that they like to lick each other's coochies and assholes and when they are dripping wet and about to cum, they like to share a stiff dick and take turns riding it. That's awfully friendly of them, isn't it? Sharing is caring and they look like they care a whole lot about this man meat. It's nice to see cock cooperation between two BootyLicious babes.

Two Girls, One Cock

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Hey, Look at this! A black cock for Alysha!

Posted on: December 01, 2014
Hey, Look at this! A black cock for Alysha!

"When I first started doing this, it was a hobby," said 40-year-old Naughty Alysha. "It was just something so I could say, 'Hey, look at this.' Because when I started, it was mostly public nudity. I did large toys off-camera with my husband, but I mainly did the public stuff for people to see. The toys came a little after a few other things. He would be fucking me, and he'd want to stick a couple of fingers in there at the same time. And I was okay with that, so it got to the point where I wanted him to make it larger. It just felt better."

Here, Alysha gets fucked by a big, black cock that isn't quite as large as some of the monster dildos we saw her using on her vagina in another scene, but it gets the job done, and judging by Alysha's steady stream of fuck talk, she's enjoying herself.

"Guys see me using my big toys and think, 'How am I ever going to satisfy this woman?'" Alysha said. "That's what they think, but it's not true. The vagina is an amazing muscle. She will snap right back. No matter the size of the cock, I can feel it just fine.

By the way, last time we saw Alysha, she got a creampie. This time, a facial. Which just goes to show how multi-talented she is.

Hey, Look at this! A black cock for Alysha!

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Marisa Carlo - No plot. No setup. Just sucking and fucking.

Posted on: November 27, 2014
No plot. No setup. Just sucking and fucking.

When this scene opens, the guy is already having his way with Marisa Carlo's boobs, sucking those big, F-cup sucklers aggressively while she moans with pleasure. Then Marisa sits back and spreads her legs a little so we can see her beaver through her pantyhose. Then she turns around so the guy can spank her ass.

"You like it?" Marisa says, one of the few things she says in this scene other than, "Oh yeah" and "Ah!" and "I like this!" What she likes is having her ass slapped and her beaver eaten. Basically, in this scene, Marisa, a 46-year-old wife from Mexico, allows herself to be turned into a 23-year-old's fuck toy. Yeah, the guy is half her age, and now he's ruined for life because he's never going to get sucked and fucked like Marisa sucks and fucks him.

After Marisa sucks his cock and has been fucked every which way, Mr. Young Stud shoots his load all over her boobs and face. Some of his cum gets into her hair. But she doesn't complain about that. Maybe some girls would complain about that, but 46-year-old Mexican MILFs who fuck at NEVER complain about that. They love it. They might not say so, but they love it. You can see it all over their faces.

No plot. No setup. Just sucking and fucking.

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Cherize Roze - Fifty-two inches of chocolate thunder

Posted on: November 25, 2014
Fifty-two inches of chocolate thunder

Cherise Roze is 21 years old, was born in Oakland, California and lives in Newark, New Jersey. You might care about that. It means the girl's young and has ghetto pedigree. But what you're gonna care about more is that she has a 52-inch booty, and it's good to see that a girl her age isn't shy about showing it off.

"I used to take hip-hip and jazz when I was young," Cherise says. "Not I'm an exotic dancer. "I'm definitely an exhibitionist. I love showing it all off, and I don't care who sees me."

Shaking that 52-inch booty on stage and letting guys grab it in the V.I.P. room. Making her ass clap and thunder. In this scene, she's wearing a fishnet body suit, and when she jiggles her ass, it rattles all over the fucking place. We're talking about ripples! The body suit already has a hole in the crotch area for easy cock access, but just in case you need more help, Cherise spreads her ass for a better view. Then she spreads her legs, taps her cooch and proudly shows off her young, pink cooch. But this is an ass show, and the best part is when Cherise shimmies that booty out of her bodysuit. And then the hole-fingering and spreading really begins!

"I'm into choking and ass-sitting," Cherise said. "I've had gang bangs, girls, I've had sex in malls and public places, everything."

And she's only 21.

Fifty-two inches of chocolate thunder

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Creaming For It

Posted on: November 24, 2014
Creaming For It

Betty Blac models a lacey sweater for Mr. Largo and the sight of Betty's nipples through the lace drives him wild. He begins working her 36K wonder-boobs over, squeezing them and burying his face in the softness. After their sweater-boobs worship, Betty is stripped by eager hands and given his tubesteak to lubricate with her wet mouth. She can only get some of the thick meat in her mouth as she sucks him hard. Holding her magnificent mams up for him to wedge between, Betty's jugs are fucked hard and the pounding makes slapping sounds. With a girl like Betty, you want to fuck her boobs every day on your way to orgasm city. Betty is very quiet and doesn't talk but she moans and breathes heavily throughout their sexing. He tells Betty to get on her back so he can fuck her mouth as he stands over her head. Straddling Betty's chest, he fucks her boobs as she squeezes them together to make a bun for his weiner. But instead of giving her mustard, he will give her ball-custard. The ultimate pleasure of fucking Betty is next. During their power drilling, Largo enters the point of no-return while his cock is inside Betty during missionary and drops his seed into her. He backs off to not block the view of the skeet dripping out of Betty's box and onto the sheets! Betty was creaming for it and she got it all. Emission accomplished!

Creaming For It

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Roxi Red - Size Matters

Posted on: November 21, 2014
Size Matters

Roxi Red will show us how size matters as the SCORE camera moves in close and Roxi begins bouncing her 38K super-naturals wildly. The kinetic energy generated by their unstoppable motion could power a house for a day. One of the bustiest models to ever enter these hallowed halls of hooters, Roxi's tits might even generate their own gravitational fields. Get too close and you may be sucked into an orbit around them! The photographer fought to keep his camera from being pulled out of his hands when he came too close. The reaction of big boob men to seeing Roxi, now back for her third pictorial and video, was award-winning across the board and unusually emotional. Here's one example from D.B.: "I don't need to see Roxi do boy/girl scenes. In fact, I don't care for those much anyway. However, I do hope that I can see more of Roxi in many solo self-pleasuring layouts like the many that Karina Hart has done. SCORELAND, please note that I had let my subscription lapse several months ago. But as soon as I got of glimpse of Roxi, I immediately renewed it without any hesitation. SCORELAND, if you keep finding and featuring amazing and unbelievably sexy godesses that even come close to Roxi, I will NEVER let that subscription lapse again."

Size Matters

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Wet-T Berlin

Posted on: November 20, 2014
Wet-T Berlin

You might think that all naked models must be exhibitionists and bold but that description doesn't apply to Emilia Boshe. Emilia is actually a very shy person. Taking her clothes off on a webcam hasn't changed her basic nature. She'd rather be approached than approach. The simple things in life are for her. She likes to watch soccer, take her dogs for a walk, go to the movies and spend face-time with friends. "I'm happy with my life," says Emilia. "I like to surround myself with happy, positive people. It makes everything so much better." When Emilia gets her top off, her overflowing boobs nearly spill out of her tight bra. Once she pops each breast out of each cup, the sheer size of her naturals is a stunning sight. Emilia must have a pair of the biggest natural boobs in Germany. No wonder she has made a name for herself in Europe and now beyond Europe with her first appearance in XLGirls. Emilia heads to the bathroom for a wet T-shirt and titty show with a flash of pink added as a treat. The folks in Berlin should be proud.

Wet-T Berlin

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Masie Dee - Going, going...gone!

Posted on: November 19, 2014
Going, going...gone!

Lives: Leeds, England; Occupation: City office worker; Age: 26; Born: July 28; Ht: 5'6"; Wt: 145 pounds; Bras: 36C; Panties: Always see-through; Anal: A lot; BJs: Swallow it all; Diddle: Sometimes.

This is her second appearance on The first was at the end of November. More photos and a video have been posted since then. But there won't be any more hairy postings for all you pubes-lovers to enjoy because, as you will see in this video, she shaves them off and ends up bare down there! Sorry fellers! 

Going, going...gone!

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"I'm exposing myself!"

Posted on: November 17, 2014

Lives: Orlando, Florida; Occupation: Student; Age: 19; Born: April 30; Ht: 5'2"; Wt: 128 pounds; Bras: 32A; Panties: Sexy cotton; Anal: Enjoy it; BJs: Spit, sorry; Diddle: Most nights.

"I love flirting with guys and flashing them my boobs (which is hard because of their size) or a bit of ass or twat," said Lexis. "That's why I rarely wear panties when I'm out socially. I'm not getting laid near as much as I'd like, so I end up getting myself off just about every night. I like variety in that, too. I mean, sometimes I just use my fingers and sometimes I use my toy. I've just gotten into using two toys; one for my twat and one in my butt. That's gotten me thinking that I'd like to be with two guys and feel two cocks in me at the same time. I like getting off in the shower, too, but shower sex is not for me because I'm a bit short to be able to manage it with a guy."

See More of Lexis Smith at SCOREHD.COM!

A birthday present

Posted on: November 14, 2014
A birthday present

Lives: London, England; Occupation: Store clerk; Age: 42; Born: April 2; Ht: 5'7"; Wt: 145 pounds; Bras: 36DD; Panties: Always see-through; Anal: Really like it; BJs: Always swallow; Diddle: Not much.

"My man and I aren't married but we've been together for 10 years," said Teya. "We like checking out porn mags and websites together and I decided to get naughty for as a special 40th birthday present for him. He's always saying that blokes would love to see my pubes--he's a real pubes-hound. I think he had a continuous hard-on for days before we got to taking the photos and the video. Once we were done and were alone, we had a marvelous, slow fuck on the bed and I had a couple of huge orgasms before he came in my bum." Check out the photos, too.

A birthday present

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Dare To Care

Posted on: November 12, 2014
Dare To Care

"Moving and lifting heavy objects is a man's job. I shouldn't have to do that, right? I'm sure that there are plenty of men out there who wouldn't mind doing me the favor of moving some furniture, right? I tried to get my boyfriend to do it and he was useless. And now look! I have a twisted ankle. Luckily for me, my new neighbor seems to know how to treat a woman. And something about the way he fondled my feet and licked my soles turned me on. If this is how feet and leg men treat a woman, coating her soles in warm cum and making her orgasm over and over, then I want one for myself. I would love a man to kiss and caress my feet. Which one of you wants the job?"

Dare To Care

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Getting Loose With Leilani Lei Means Getting Stiff

Posted on: November 10, 2014
Getting Loose With Leilani Lei Means Getting Stiff

Leilani Lei is teaching Al about meditation. Yoga, we guess. Al is keeping his eyes closed at the start, which is a good thing because Leilani, a 47-year-old from Florida, is looking very hot in those exercise pants, her G-string more than peeking out over the top. She decides to help him relax, but who could relax when this hottie has her hands all over your body?

Turns out that Yoga with Leilani is a very sensual experience, especially when she has her little ass in your face.

"Can you feel it?" Leilani says as she demonstrates the pose Downward-Facing Dog.

Yeah, he can feel it. In his cock. But it's when Leilani helps Al with the bridge pose that things really start heating up. Al's supposed to be getting loose, but it looks like one part of his body is getting stiff, and Leilani's noticed. Before long, Leilani has his cock in her mouth and then in her cunt, and how does Al finally blow off that last bit of steam? By cumming all over Leilani's pretty face!

We can hardly wait for Pilates.

Getting Loose With Leilani Lei Means Getting Stiff

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Lollipop Top Popper

Posted on: November 05, 2014
Lollipop Top Popper

The girl with one name, Venera is one of those models who belongs in a rarified league of lovely babes; the same league as Valory Irene and Hitomi, and, going further back in time, Merilyn Sakova. Hailing from different parts of the world, their extreme trim stackitude is the common ground they tread. Unusual DNA is the genetic blessing nature has bestowed. Super-slim, naturally super-stacked and sexy with a traffic-stopping personality, Venera doesn't hold anything back as a model. SCORELAND dudes have a lot to say about Venera. "Venera is a 100 out of 10!" "The brunettes were taking over for awhile there but this blonde beats the fuck out of any brunette out there right now!" "I am more than pleased with Venera. She is a stunning, sexy model. Slim and very stacked, which is rare. Venera is a great find." Luckily for everyone, Venera decided to model in the first place. It's not that Venera isn't one in a few million. She is. It's that she wanted to be a model who buffed out completely and didn't just become a swimsuit and lingerie model. "Sexy isn't something you can wear or paint or drive," Venera believes. "Sexy for me is when you feel comfortable in your own skin." Well said, Venera!

Lollipop Top Popper

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Ridin' Phat Asses

Posted on: November 03, 2014
Ridin' Phat Asses

"When I get horny and I want some hard fuckin', I'll make sure that you know right away," says white-assed wonder, Kirra Lynne. "I will stick my ass in your face, arch my back and purr. I'll grind my ass on your lap and tell you to spank me because I've been a dirty girl. I'll suck your big dick and ask you to stick a few fingers in my ass and a couple in my vagina, too. And then I'll sit on your hard cock and ride it nice and slow, so you can grab my ass cheeks and pull them apart and get inside, really deep. And when you are ready to cum, I'll say, 'Oh, baby! Please shoot that load on my ass so I can feel it drip down my ass crack!' because that's what I like!"

Ridin' Phat Asses

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Extra fucking help

Posted on: October 30, 2014
Extra fucking help

Johnny's football coach has sent him to Ms. Claus for some extra help. His grades are bad, the playoffs are coming up and he needs to perform. Holly is always very concerned about her students' performance, especially her male students' performance.

"I have an idea," she says, her DD-cups bulging out of her tight, blue dress. "I do some tutoring from home. Maybe after practice, you can come over and work on it with me."

That's fine with Johnny, but when he gets to Ms. Claus' house, he's right back where he started: dazed, confused and kinda brainless.

"Why is this important?" Johnny asks as he reads a text book on sexual reproduction.

Ms. Claus decides to show him why. And it just so happens that Johnny has the book in his lap, so when she runs her fingers over the book to explain, she touches his cock, too.

"I think you're getting excited about your school work, aren't you?" Ms. Claus says.

Actually, he's getting excited about Ms. Claus stroking his cock.

And away we go!

My, Ms. Claus, what big boobs you have!

My, Ms. Claus, what a pierced cooch you have!

Johnny may not be very good in school, but he's good at eating Holly's cooch. Her moans say so.

"So that's what teacher cooch looks like," Johnny says as he spreads her coochy wide..

Well, not all teachers have a cooch like Holly's. And not all teachers have boobs like Holly's. And not all of them suck and fuck like Holly does. But that's why she's at and they're not.

Extra fucking help

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The ultimate creampie

Posted on: October 27, 2014
The ultimate creampie

When this scene opens, Angie is dressed comparatively conservatively in dress pants and a button-down shirt. By the time the scene ends, cum is pouring out of Angie's just-fucked pussy and she's digging two fingers deep into her pink beaver so she can fish out whatever's left.

"Cum inside my pussy," Angie says to us.

Um, Angie, somebody's already done that. But after you clean up, we'd love to fill you up again.

Angie, a 46-year-old wife from Florida, is proof that sometimes, you just can't tell about a woman. Angie is soft-spoken. She looks like a trophy wife, which is what she is. But then she starts sucking cock and getting fucked and it's as if somebody flicked a switch. Presto! From woman-next-door to wanton slut!

Angie tells her stud she's going to take care of him, but first, she's going to show him what she has, which is a tight body with nice firm boobs, all dressed up in sexy lingerie. Her deep-sucking style is very impressive, especially when she looks into the camera, and she really takes a hard fucking from this big-dicked dude. But the creampie is truly the highlight of the show. Angie spreads her legs wide and puckers her asshole and cum pours out of her now-gaping pussy. Drip-drip-drip. Her pussy is very pink and wet, which is what a just-fucked pussy should look like.

The ultimate creampie

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Begging For More

Posted on: October 24, 2014
Begging For More

Mae is so tiny she can fit in the palm of your hand. Despite her petite frame, she can take on cocks that are half as big as she is. In this scene we see her swallowing man meat and sucking it to maximum hardness for her tight beaver. Even when this skinny mini is finally penetrated, it seems like she can't get enough. No matter how filled up she is with cock, she wants more. And for such a tiny thing, she takes quite a pounding without flinching at all. This video is filled with awesome beaver-pumping action!

Begging For More

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Brandi Sparks - Making Sparks

Posted on: October 22, 2014
Making Sparks

A web-cam model, Brandi Sparks just debuted in her first solo pictorial ("Brandy is definitely hot. I can't think of a more enticing spread snatch and ass. She is a great discovery with great boobs, too," writes member Case.) A well-rounded girl, Brandi calls herself a tomboy and enjoys four-wheeling, hiking and camping. Watch out for those curves! Her nipples visible through her sheer top, green-eyed brunette Brandi Sparks tells us in her sweet voice that it's her first time getting fucked on-camera. A student and self-described "professional masturbator," Brandi is 22 years-old and had only done at-home cam shows (sometimes with girlfriends) until now. A video virgin, alluring Brandi sucks cock and balls beautifully. She takes the beef-bone deep and hard in missionary, cowgirl and sideways before her pretty face is moisturized with the gift of man-juice. Please show Brandi some SCORELAND appreciation and make some sparks.

Making Sparks

See More of Brandi Sparks at SCOREHD.COM!

Asia Cherri - Good At What She Loves

Posted on: October 20, 2014
Good At What She Loves

It's obvious that Asia's not camera shy when she starts talking about how she loves to fuck and then shakes her ass for you. And it's crystal clear that this girl isn't cock shy when she starts working her lips around a big dick and then swallows it all the way down to the base. After she removes any doubt about her love or talent for blow jobs, she takes it from behind and shakes and wiggles her ass while getting fucked. She loves to screw so much that we think if there were a cock olympics, she'd be a gold medalist.

Good At What She Loves

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