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Barbie's Blue-Collar Fetish

Posted on: September 04, 2015
Barbie's Blue-Collar Fetish

Don't feel bad for the janitor. Yeah, he picks up garbage all day. But he also gets to fuck hot chicks like Barbie. She's had her eye on him for a while and gets him alone in the janitor's closet "to talk." Hers is an unusual attraction for sure, but we're glad our blue-collar brothers are out there fucking hot teen pussy. One thing we like about Barbie (and we suspect you'll like it too) is her coquettish Latin accent. Her skinny body, shaved slit and flat chest aren't too bad either. This Venezuelan cutie chokes herself on the janitor's cock and polishes every inch of his shaft and balls with her tongue. In the sack (or in this case, the cot), Barbie is a submissive, little moaner. She loves being put in different positions and fucked hard. Watch the video to see which part of her delicious body gets covered in cum!

Barbie's Blue-Collar Fetish

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Dawn Jilling - While hubby's away, Dawn gets ass-fucked!

Posted on: September 03, 2015
While hubby's away, Dawn gets ass-fucked!

When this scene opens, 45-year-old Dawn Jilling is on the phone with her husband. He just called to let her know he has to work late, but Dawn doesn't mind.

"Don't worry," she says. "I'm just going to go to bed a little early tonight."

Well, it turns out she's already in bed. And somebody's there with her!

And he's eating her beaver.

You know, it takes some balls--or maybe some beaver?--for a woman to talk to her husband on the phone while some guy is eating her beaver. And Dawn is barely off the phone before she's stroking her fuck buddy's cock and then eating his dick.

Yep, Dawn is sucking and fucking in her marital bed while her hubby is working late, and she's bouncing up and down on her friend's cock, and you know what else?

She's getting ass-fucked in the bed she sleeps in with her husband!

Fortunately, Dawn knows to swallow the cum so as not to mess up the sheets.

So, let's recap: 1. Getting her beaver eaten while talking to her hubby on the phone; 2. Getting ass-fucked in her marital bed; 3. Eating cum.

Sounds like Dawn is off to a terrific start at, no?

While hubby's away, Dawn gets ass-fucked!

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"Cream Me," says Amber Lynn Bach

Posted on: September 01, 2015

Nice to have her Bach. Amber Lynn Bach Bach to be precise. Bach is back to make more beautiful music with her extremely talented golden throat, big breasts, hot ass and tight twat, so squeezably accommodating to hard cock. When last we saw Amber Lynn Bach, she was role-playing a big-titted streetwalker in Hooked On Hooking. Now the busty Florida housewife-MILF has returned to SCORE by request and is looking just as horny as always. Amber Lynn Bach says she began dancing in 2002. She likes going to bike events, and the guys there go ape every time they see her sexy body in her tiny outfits and bang-me face and shoot tons of pictures of her. She realized early that she has the goods that men want to see and could go beyond the ordinary routine of day-to-day life. She could unhook her libido. So by 2003, Amber was baring all. Now she's back at SCORE in "Cream Me." She wants to be checked out and drooled over. She dresses in skin-tight jeans, a tight tank top and fuck-me slippers. The hot Florida babe look. Amber's big breasts look mouthwatering bulging against her tank. She teases Al's wood. He's anxious but Amber says not yet. She's going to build up the anticipation. All men must wait for the good things in life. Amber gets off on telling him what she's going to do to his cock. Amber also uses the word twat herself. She gets extra points for that, a word that most chicks don't use. At last, Amber pulls down her tank and the two each take a nipple to suck on. This is very hot. They strip for action. Amber gets help sliding out of her jeans. Naked, she slips back into her heels. Women who put their heels on again when they fuck are women who are into sport fucking and being bimbolicious. Now that Amber is ready to get the goods, Al dives face-first in her candy-box. Amber digs that. The slim 'n stacked homemaker is ready to have her mouth, beaver and breasts fucked good by a dude she just met 30 minutes earlier. How great is that? There's a big, unexpected surprise as they approach the finish line. You'll have to see it. Amber just has that effect on the male of the species. Thank you, Amber Lynn Bach Bach for the dick-bending session and for having our Bach!

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The Baby Doctor Visit

Posted on: August 31, 2015
The Baby Doctor Visit

Fantastic Bailey Santanna is six months preggo. Her big, fat boobs are much bigger, her huge areolae are much darker than before and her belly bump is growing and growing. She is glowing and radiant from the hormone rush of pregnancy. Today Bailey visits the obstetrician for a check-up. (At least he claims to be a doctor.) He examines her bulging belly and her voluptuously robust boobs and gets her on the table to look at her slick vagina-hole. Bailey's vagina is moist and the doctor fingers it, rubbing her clitty. Bailey asks him if she should be having sex at home. "Sex is normal. Very common during pregnancy," he tells her. He inquires about her masturbation habits at this time while rubbing her vagina lips in a circular motion. (You may be starting to wonder about this doctor by this time.) He asks Bailey to masturbate so he can examine her finger technique. She starts to rub her vagina and he helps out with his own fingers. Truly a benevolent man of medicine. Continuing his exam, he starts sucking on Bailey's thick nipples and licking her lady lips. Bailey starts to lose it, the waves of pleasure building up. All she came in for was a brief exam. She didn't know she was coming in to cum. The doctor quickly drops his socks, grabs his cock and points his stiff wood in the direction of Bailey's hungry mouth. She sucks and spits on it and he inserts it between her major boobs to fuck her cleavage. As a final test, he inserts his meat-thermometer into her baby-oven on the examination table. Bailey's wetness drenches his dick. Where on Bailey is she going to receive her dosage of ball-batter? Face, boobs, ass, vagina? Since she's already pregnant, he can drop his batter anywhere! Pregnancy is a wonderful event, especially for an XL Girl.

The Baby Doctor Visit

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Brittney Cruise - A big-dick hookup

Posted on: August 28, 2015
A big-dick hookup

Lives: Boynton Beach, Florida; Occupation: Restaurant worker; Age: 21; Born: April 26; Ht: 5'4"; Wt: 117 pounds; Bras: 32B; Panties: Thongs; Anal: That was my first sex; BJs: Swallow of course; Diddle: 2-3 nights a week.

"I work nights, but my nights off are Monday and Tuesday. Not many decent guys are out looking to hook up on those nights, so my dating and sex life kinda sucks," said Brittney. "I sent some solo pics to the website and enjoyed seeing them, but I soon needed a new thrill and I decided to bang a stud. I got to fuck my first-ever really big cock and a truly experienced lover, and I didn't have to go to the trouble of actually hooking up with Jimmy somewhere. And I had a couple of strong orgasms which were an unexpected bonus. Thinking about doing Jimmy will keep me diddling myself for months." Check out the photos, too.

A big-dick hookup

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Meet Rockell

Posted on: August 27, 2015
Meet Rockell

It's tits and giggles time with new SCORE visitor Rockell. She has an amazing body and face. The total package! Rockell has a message as soon as her video begins. "Gosh, it's really warm out here. I think I might take my clothes off soon 'cause I'm getting really hot!" Yes, our prayers have been answered. Rockell finds a cozy spot and leans forward, her bounteous boobs ready to spill out of her top. The beautiful bubbly blonde from Alabama casts her tight top and denim cut-offs to the wind and retreats to the house for a major rub-out session. Rockell lets her fingers do the walking and takes a fast-paced stroll to Clitty City. It's no surprise that Rockell gets a huge amount of attention wherever she goes!

Meet Rockell

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"But Professor...I'm A Stripper!"

Posted on: August 25, 2015

When last we saw this soft and bosomy redhead, curvaceous and sexy Destiny Rose was nursing a man and his cock and she looked especially tasty in her nurse's uniform. That healing was a big success. Now Destiny is back in college but her nightly activities are impacting her studies so she goes to see Professor DeSergio. She wants to speak to him about a grade she received. It's not that she's been partying and not studying. It's because she's dancing at a strip club at night and needs her tuition money. The Professor acts surprised. "Don't act like you don't know," Destiny tells him. "I've seen you at the club twice this week already. Sitting in the back...." That's because the Professor is a SCORE Man and loves big breasts. Caught! But Destiny doesn't like the guys trying to pick her up every night at the club. She wants the Professor's pointer. Right now. In his office. She decides to give him one of her popular friction dances in his office right there to prime the pump. He goes out of his mind as she grinds his groin with her amazing butt and pummels his head with her awe-inspiring breasts. Their clothes come off and they suck, kiss, lick, stick and fuck all over the office; on the desk and on the couch. What a hot fuck Destiny is! It took her a while to finally decide to go all the way but she is well worth the wait! She is the real deal. She is fucking amazing. Better late than never! Destiny makes the grade and the Professor decides to give her a special surprise when it's time to cum in "But Professor...I'm A Stripper!" Can you guess what it is?

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Tori and her ex-hubby's best friend

Posted on: August 24, 2015
Tori and her ex-hubby's best friend

Tori has stopped by Sam's house, and Sam is a bit confused. Sure, he's happy to see her, but why is she here now that she and Sam are divorced? And why is she wearing a trench coat?

"I missed you coming over for the games and stuff, so I thought I would come see you," Tori says. "Can I show you something?"

What does Tori have to show Sam? Well, she has her tits, which are encased in a sexy bra, and her ass, which is encased in a tiny thong, and her legs, which are encased in sexy stockings.

"This is what I have for you," Tori says. "You know I've always wanted a piece of you."

Sam can't believe what's happening right in front of him. He's never seen Tori like this. His best friend's ex-wife!

"Have I been a naughty girl?" Tori says.

Well, maybe she wasn't naughty before, but she sure is naughty now.

"I've been thinking about this forever," Tori says. "I've been a bad girl. Spank me!"

At this point, Tori's ass is in the air, and Sam can't resist the invitation. How could he ? Why would he?

"Show me your cock. I wanna suck it!"

And away they go, sucking and fucking....destination: facial!

Tori is a 45-year-old divorcee from Arizona. She's a mom. She used to be a lifeguard. She has spent most of her life working in medicine. She's not a swinger. She's not a nudist. She's just a very hot 40something.

"My fantasy is to be fucked out on a terrace or a patio while it's raining really hard," she said.

Hey, that trench coat might come in handy again!

Tori and her ex-hubby's best friend

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Wee Shirley gets nailed

Posted on: August 21, 2015
Wee Shirley gets nailed

Lives: Brunswick, Georgia; Occupation: Hotel receptionist; Age: 20; Born: May 26; Ht: 4'10"; Wt: 95 pounds; Bras: 32B; Panties: Sexy cotton; Anal: I like it; BJs: Mostly swallow; Diddle: Of course.

"I kinda have to be on top when I'm fucking because I'm so small, but I make up for that by being real active and loud, too," said Shirley. "If you're a good lover, I'll cum two or three times and then you can do what you like. Fucking a real stud was awesome. J-Mac sure had the biggest dick I've ever been around--and I loved every inch of it in my mouth and in my vagina. He did me in some ways I'd never been screwed in before. Thinking about all that will keep me masturbating for years!" Check out the photos, too.

Wee Shirley gets nailed

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Jayden Starr - Anal Slut

Posted on: August 19, 2015
Anal Slut

When Jayden made her debut in the October '12 issue, she told us she likes to fantasize about fucking 20 guys at the same time because she loves cum. Well, looks like she returned to show us just how much she likes cum by taking on one of our studs. What did she like about shooting this XXX scene? The size of this guy's dick! "When I saw how hung he was, I couldn't wait to put his big dick in my mouth. I have an oral fetish, so the bigger the dick, the better." And then she put her ass on his face so he could toss her salad and get her ready for a deep anal dicking. "I wanted him in my ass so badly! So I put my booty on his tongue!" After she gave him a taste of her sugar, she was ready to get down on it. "I really like to ride a nice, fat dick. Especially in reverse cowgirl because I make it bounce and there's access to play with my ass. It makes me horny when I ride low and I look over my shoulder and see him enjoying the view!" And when he slipped that dick inside her ass, Jayden went wild! "I was screaming, bucking and going crazy! His dick filled my ass up. It was so good. I wanted him to cum on my face though, so when he was ready, I let him bust all over me!"

Anal Slut

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Wired for sex

Posted on: August 17, 2015
Wired for sex

In real life, 41-year-old newcomer Stacie is divorced. But here, she's a wife whose husband has completely fucked up a home-improvement project. Stacie has hired an electrician to fix the bad wiring job her hubby did on the new chandelier, but things aren't going smoothly. Carlos tells her that it's going to be a six- or seven-hour job. What the fuck does he plan on doing, wire the entire town?

"I told my husband he doesn't know what he's doing," Stacie says. But she knows what she's doing when she strokes his leg. "You're a very attractive man. My husband neglects me."

What a dope, neglecting a hot, big-titted number like Stacie. Carlos makes the right move. He compliments her. As we all know, women love hearing compliments from their porno electricians when their porno husbands have been ignoring them.

"It looks like you have a very nice cock," she says.

It looks like no work is going to get done today, unless you count the job Stacie is working on. That's the blow job.

As you're about to find out, Stacie is a screamer and a dirty talker and she goes fucking wild when she's getting fucked. She tit-fucks Carlos' cock. "I love your dick between my boobs," she says, and we've never seen a woman enjoy sucking cock as much as Stacie does. Then Carlos rips open her pantyhose so he can stuff his cock inside her beaver. He fucks her while her big boobs wobble, and when he's finished fucking her, he cums inside her beaver, and Stacie spreads her legs wide so we can watch it seep out.

"Oh, look at that sweet fuckin' cum!" Stacie says.

As for that wiring job, by the end of this scene, Stacie decides she'd rather have a plumber.

Wired for sex

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Gina Gerson - Anal Pro

Posted on: August 14, 2015
Anal Pro

There's no need for a plot or dialogue in this scene. With a girl as hot as Gina, we just want to get straight to the sex. The ballerina-esque beauty starts off by sucking her fuck-buddy's cock passionately, swallowing him up with long, deep strokes. A few minutes of cock-sucking has her pussy primed for fucking, and she smiles and moans as she gets fucked from behind. Gina squeezes her little boobs and licks her lips as her guy teases her pussyhole with his dickhead. That's because this is some seriously delicious fucking, and it's about to get even better. Gina climbs on top and slides her asshole down his pole. It's a big one, and she takes the whole thing deep in her backdoor pucker. She doesn't even flinch. In fact, the harder her ass gets pounded, the louder she moans. On one hand we wish that all girls took it in the ass like Gina. But on the other hand, her anal prowess just makes us appreciate her all the more.

Anal Pro

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How To Take A Shower By Janne Hollan

Posted on: August 12, 2015
How To Take A Shower By Janne Hollan

Nothing beats a nice soapy shower to get a girl and her huge tits all fresh and squeaky clean. It's been a while since SCORELAND's camera has followed a girl into that most sacred place for the opposite sex but we more than make up for lost time with the amazing Janne Hollan of the Czech Republic. Checking herself out in the mirror, Janne gives her spectacular hooters a few squeezes, caressing her many inches of soft breast-flesh, her fingers sinking into those magnificent mounds. Photographs of her boobs should be hanging in an art museum. She drops her clothes and enters the tub, preparing to wet and soap her curvaceous, super-stacked bod. Look for some tits on glass play along the way! Girls taking showers are a staple in the movies. Every teen sex comedy, women-in-prison flick, slasher and monster movie has 'em but maybe you get 20 seconds of water-based action. Here you get total shower satisfaction with Janne Hollan. Thanks for getting wet, Janne.

How To Take A Shower By Janne Hollan

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Meet Roxanne

Posted on: August 10, 2015
Meet Roxanne

Get to know a little about Roxanne Miller, the newest busty natural to hit SCORELAND. We found Roxanne during our searches through the hills and mountains of this busty world for the right charmers. Our studio immediately moved into action. Roxanne accepted us and turned out to be very vivacious and outgoing. Roxanne is a single coed studying public relations and the arts. Who does not love a busty, jiggly student training for the future? We wish we could find more of them. Roxanne's expressive as a good PR person should be, and enjoys reading, dancing, writing poems and practicing yoga. "I speak four languages," says Roxanne. "I've visited nine countries and I want to visit more. I studied drama for nine years and I worked as a radio DJ for two years. I've been on television also. I like to drink beer and I'm a fan of Slayer. I've seen them in concert. I love going to rock shows." Roxanne talks about herself in her first video before showing off what Mother Nature has generously blessed her with and rubbing one out. "I do masturbate a lot. I am a cam girl and I love it. I can cum many times a day and even when I am not on cam, I will masturbate at home if there isn't somebody to fuck me." What kind of dates does Roxanne like to go on? Concerts? "The perfect place for a date would be a picnic. I like to date the nerds. I don't want the dumb doll with muscles. I prefer a guy that makes me laugh, knows what I like to talk about and be sensitive. For me, communication is very important." We're listening. Show Roxanne your sensitive man side by commenting below and let her know your thoughts. Welcome, Roxanne Miller.

Meet Roxanne

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Sophia Jewel - Sport-sex With Sophia Jewel

Posted on: August 07, 2015
Sport-sex With Sophia Jewel

Busty lady Sophia Jewel wants a young man's dick in her coochy and mouth so she invites James over to sit on the bed next to her. She is aggressive and knows what she wants, and what Sophia wants, she gets and easily. Pulling his face into her big cleavage, Sophia wants her tits and coochy sucked and licked. As James sucks on her nipples, he fingers her mature cooch until it's wetter than a Florida canal. Sophia wants the taste of meat in her mouth and gets working on his hardening cock. She sucks his stiffie hands-free, making sexy sounds as she slurps because she knows that a woman's vocals during a blow job intensify a man's pleasure. He slides his sausage between her jugs and fucks them good, the head of his cock sliding into Sophia's waiting mouth. Finally it's time to fuck her slick snatch. Sophia can't wait. She needs it bad and has got to have it. This dude should thank his lucky stars for getting a sex-bomb like this riding his pole. Now about big-titted Sophia: she is not a swinger like many mature porn babes; she is not a nudist, however she was a stripper when she was younger; she likes role-playing and hard, dirty, rough sex that gets her off physically and emotionally, fulfilling a fantasy to be bad. "I am single at the moment so the only fucking I'm getting now is for videos," says Sophia who can also be seen at and When I'm seeing a man, I like to be fucked twice a day by him. I like young guys, especially when they are dominant like James was in this SCOREVideos. I started things but he finished it!" When you get a chance to fuck Sophia Jewel, we advise you to go for it.

Sport-sex With Sophia Jewel

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Micky Bells - Strawberries And Nipples

Posted on: August 06, 2015
Strawberries And Nipples

Micky is back in an all-new scene Strawberries And Nipples. The June '13 V-mag covergirl is as beautiful and as boner-making as ever. She was also the covergirl of March '13 XL Girls. Micky is the one of the Queens of International Cleavage!

Micky likes a man to treat her like she is treating her strawberry here. With lots of licks and tender, loving care. Her ripe body is a feast for breast-men. Anyone who ever neglects those bounteous boobs in the bedroom before pleasuring Micky's coochy needs a severe beating.

"I like a man to kiss me all over my body," Micky says. "I want him to make me feel like a queen. I also like it when a man tastes my coochy. That is what makes me orgasm the fastest. Sometimes, it is not the actual sex, but the foreplay and the touching before it that makes me feel good. I prefer for men to be sensual. That will make me get turned on and then I will be more willing to do what they want."

Strawberries And Nipples

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Sophia Jewel - Busty, Curvy Sophia Goes For A Ride

Posted on: August 04, 2015
Busty, Curvy Sophia Goes For A Ride

Coming (or cumming) off her first on-camera photo fuck, 42-year-old Sophia Jewel enjoys her first video fuck, and it's a good one, mostly because Sophia looks so good. So sexy. She's 5'4", 138 pounds with DD-cup tits and a big, soft, round ass any guy would love to fuck. In fact, it has, indeed, been fucked by several guys.

But not here. Not yet. Sophia's first anal scene is coming soon, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. It's a pleasure and a privilege just to watch this Long Island girl (now living in South Florida) sucking and fucking and enjoying a facial. Yep, we say "enjoying." The look on Sophia's face tells us she enjoyed every drop.

"I did!" she said. "Having sex on-camera was a lot easier and a lot more fun than I thought it would be!"

Sophia is single (never married). She trains people to ride horses. She found us through her agent (Sophia, naughty girl, wants to be a porn star). She enjoys reading, watching movies, going to the beach and writing poetry. She likes guys with a good sense of humor who know how to cock her. And her perfect day?

"Breakfast in bed, a day at the beach or pool with reggae music playing, then the spa, dinner, a good movie and sex!"

She once had sex "on the hood of a car at a beach parking lot at sunset."

She might have had an audience then. She was too into what she was doing to remember. She definitely has an audience now!

Busty, Curvy Sophia Goes For A Ride

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Meet Anjii

Posted on: August 03, 2015
Meet Anjii

If Anjii Ross and her natural 45 inch boobs were bouncing in a strip club near our office, your editors would be there after work like greased lightning clutching a roll of dollars. But sadly for us, and our neighbors, Anjii is not a dancer. It wasn't long ago that super-stacked babes like Anjii Ross were dancing in clubs, either moonlighting or doing it full-time. Now more girls are going into web-cam modeling and Anjii is one of the net generation. But now for the really good news. We invited Anjii to SCORE and she accepted. A Florida girl who loves sand and surf and wearing out bikinis, she's had sex on the beach and not the drink. "I like foot play, playing with my titties and putting toys and fingers inside my coochy until I orgasm," Anjii reveals. "I really love my Hitachi wand too. I enjoy girls so I continue to play with women when I can. The kinkiest thing I've done was going camping in the woods and getting dirty in the bushes." Describing her special talents, Anjii says, "I am the best titty fucker ever!" A bold claim but Anjii definitely has the assets for the task. Maybe you will be seeing that soon. Welcome to the Show, Anjii Ross!

Meet Anjii

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Cami gives as good as she gets

Posted on: July 31, 2015
Cami gives as good as she gets

When this scene opens, 41-year-old divorcee Cami Cline is pawing the stud's cock in much the same way that you or I might paw a girl's tits. Aggressively. Hungrily. She wants it.

"Are you going to give me all that big cock?" Cami asks.

Every inch. More if he could.

"Let me see that cock," Cami says as she gets on her knees and prepares to worship dick. That's what these mature women do, you know. They worship cock. Young girls? Maybe they'll flick their tongue at it a few times. Suck the head. But a mature woman like Cami? Even when confronted with a huge tool, she goes for it with gusto, and she opens wide when the stud fucks her face. That's what being in is all about.

That and getting fucked really hard. Cami does that, too, and is rewarded with a cum facial.

Cami was born in Iowa and lives in Florida. She measures a juicy 34C-26-35. She splits her time between tending bar and going to school in Tampa.

"I'm a homebody, and my family is extremely important to me," she said. "My perfect day would be spent with my boyfriend and my kids kayaking or on the beach."

She also told us that she has sex "daily." Which means that later, when the kids go to bed, the boyfriend fucks Cami.

"Always," she said.

Cami gives as good as she gets

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Redheads Like It Hot

Posted on: July 28, 2015
Redheads Like It Hot

Redhaired Christina Kline put on one of the hot outfits she brought from home and wears it to inaugurate her first scene. It's a tight number that lets her copious cleavage have a lot of room to breathe. She sits on the edge of the bed and talks to our photographer about herself. How she likes to tease guys with her body. How she takes care of her friends. Then she meets a new friend, one of the XLGirls stunt-cocks. Let's find out how Christina polishes his wood with her boobs, mouth and cooch. The first thing he does is examine her great-looking 38G boobs with their large, pale areolae. They extract the twins out of her dress and let them hang while he fucks her face. She keeps her hands off his dick while he thrusts into Christina's wet throat, her cheeks bulging, saliva collecting on her lips. She keeps her hands at her sides or pinches her nipples as she sucks him hard. The camera is under her and shoots up, showing us perfect angles as her boobs shake and bobble during this blow job. She tries hard to get as much of the massive meat into her mouth as she can. Christina offers up her boobs for fucking and who could resist this offer? Getting into bed, ass up, he rams into her beaver from behind. The room is filled with slapping sounds and Christina's cries of "fuck, fuck, fuck" as he drills hard. Where will the semen sail to when it's time? Is Christina a swallower or a spitter/quitter? Will he glaze her boobs or shoot inside her beaver? Welcome to XLGirls, Christina Kline.

Redheads Like It Hot

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Max Mikita - Strip Club Leg Vixen

Posted on: July 27, 2015
Strip Club Leg Vixen

Beautiful and lascivious Max Mikita is a dancer at an upscale club that caters to men with particular tastes. She dances for men who like feet. She understands their needs. That's why she keeps her peds perfectly pedicured and her beaver covered in a full bush, because she knows that they love to bury their cocks in between her fur-covered lips. She always had fantasies of being fucked onstage, so when this gentleman books her private room, she takes the opportunity to suck his turgid cock in her mouth and beg him to slip it in her ass. Watch her get pummeled in her tight, little asshole and then have her feet coated in this patron's gooey tribute.

Strip Club Leg Vixen

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Asha On The BBC

Posted on: July 24, 2015
Asha On The BBC

Asha Marie returns and this time, it's to get down on Mr. Asante Stone in "Asha On The BBC." We don't mean the British Broadcasting Service! Asha looks very happy to be his no-strings date-mate, hungrily lapping up his chocolate fuck-stick. "Look at these big titties," says Stone, jiggling Asha's twin mounds held-high by her bra. "Can't wait for you to put your cock between those big tits, baby," Asha replies, anxious for a good, hard humping. "You gonna fuck my titties?" she asks, a question that has an obvious answer. Stone kneads and sucks them, then examines her pink beaver-hole. Soon he will be filling it and drilling it. He fingers her beaver and Asha asks with whispery tones if he will be cumming inside her. His finger movements inside her slit make squishing sounds and Asha zones out from the pleasure. She wants a taste and kneels on the bed to suck him hard. Asha gets on her back to get the tit-fucking she wanted earlier. He straddles her chest and heads for the mountains. As his dick slides through her mounds, she sucks and licks on the head when it approaches her mouth. Asha is really hot to ride now and gets on top of him, sticking his pole inside her. She'll be rocking hard because she wants a big load of man-juice in her. One creamed pie is being prepared!

Asha On The BBC

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Lacey Daniels - Laced Up Yoga Lesson

Posted on: July 23, 2015
Laced Up Yoga Lesson

Stretching her legs and making her muscles flex as far as they can makes Lacey feel absolutely horny and wanton. So, instead of finishing her yoga session, she decides to give her fingers a workout as she runs them along her gash until she is shuddering from the waves of pleasure coursing through her beaver. We don't know what we like more: Lacey's laced-up, cotton socks or her sexy, bald beaver. Regardless, you'll never get more from a yoga lesson in your life.

Laced Up Yoga Lesson

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Kira Rose - "Fuck My Ass!"

Posted on: July 22, 2015

"I first got into anal because a girlfriend of mine told me how awesome it was. I think she read about it in a magazine or something and decided she wanted to try it. She would always go on and on about how hard she would cum when she got fucked in the ass, and well, I got jealous that she was having better sex than me. What can I say? I'm a competitive person. I knew I couldn't just go into it cold turkey, so I started off with butt plugs and eventually, dildos. When I could take those no problem I had my first real anal experience. I loved it, and I haven't looked back since!"

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Teya - A bushy and busty Brit

Posted on: July 20, 2015
A bushy and busty Brit

Lives: Basildon, England; Occupation: Warehouse manager; Age: 42; Born: April 2; Ht: 5'7"; Wt: 155 pounds; Bras: 38DD; Panties: Lacy; Anal: Sure; BJs: Swallow; Diddle: Sometimes.

"I like the way I look down there, and my fur has never put off a bloke from going down on me which I enjoy almost as much as shagging," said Teya. The bloke I'm dating--a major pubes fan--talked me into doing this. I love regular shagging and bum sex, too. I like when we spend a whole night pleasuring each other orally and shagging till we're both exhausted. Four or five orgasms will do me till the next time which, if I'm lucky, will only be a couple of days away. By the way, my bloke is 30. He's well hung, incredible in bed and his sex drive is stronger than mine. I think I'm a very lucky gal." Check out the photos as well.

A bushy and busty Brit

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