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Two For the Price of One

Posted on: April 17, 2014
Two For the Price of One

Charlie and Remi will make all your lesbian fantasies come true. Remi is a skinny, cute brunette, and Charlie is an athletic, busty blonde. Together they make a nut-busting duo as they kiss and lick every inch of each other's bodies. Charlie plays with Remi's pussyhole and flicks her clit, and then Remi goes to town on Charlie's meaty beaver lips. Since neither of these girls has a dick, they get out their plastic fucksticks to penetrate one another until they both cum.

Two For the Price of One

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A Look Backstage

Posted on: April 15, 2014
A Look Backstage

In case you were ever curious, here's a backstage look at how we do things at 18eighteen. This is the video that accompanies a photo set of Peyton and Caroline. It's never been seen until now. And as you can tell, our girls have a lot of fun in our studio, whether they're eating cunt or riding cock. Peyton is obviously the naughty one who's turning Caroline out. By the end of the video Peyton has sampled Caroline's meaty cunt lips and they've both fucked each other with dildos. You know, just another day in the studio!

A Look Backstage

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Pheona Monroe - Call 36FF-Heaven

Posted on: April 14, 2014
Call 36FF-Heaven

Meet Pheona Monroe, a busty new arrival from Los Angeles who's eager to fuck and suck her way to stardom. She's the first model at SCOREVideos to say that one of her hobbies is birdwatching which is a coincidence since that's our hobby too. Double breasted birds. Now the big question is, can Pheona handle the nine-inch meat-drill of Johnny Champ? Can she deep-throat it and take it all the way inside her pink cunt? Hit the play button, SCORE Man, and find out. "Sucking cock satisfies me best," says Pheona who believes it is better to give than to receive. "I love doggie, mish, sideways, reverse cowgirl...there isn't a position I don't enjoy. I love all kind of foreplay especially when a man sucks my nipples really good and hard. The only thing I don't do is anal. At least not yet. I usually swallow cum but sometimes I spit. It depends on the cum and how it tastes. I'm pretty good at deep-throating. It's how I open my throat." Welcome to SCORE, Pheona Monroe.

Call 36FF-Heaven

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Dakota Riley - Dakota makes a creampie movie

Posted on: April 11, 2014
Dakota makes a creampie movie

Dakota Riley and her date have just come back from the movies, but what kind of movie did they just see?

"That was hot," Dakota says to her man. "I think we should make our own movie."

Oh, so it was that kind of movie. Well, Dakota is certainly dressed for it in her short, red dress, and her body is built for this kind of movie...the kind you're about to see in which Dakota sucks cock, fucks and gets one of the messiest, gooiest creampies we've ever seen.

Dakota is a 41-year-old wife from Ohio (born and raised). She has DD-cup tits, but it's their shape, not their size, that make them special: perfectly pointy with nipples like Sno Caps. She's a swinger. She's a MILF. She's very much into sex.

"I love to masturbate with my favorite little pink toy," she said. "I love to play with girls while my hubby watches. "

Yes, Dakota and her hubby will watch this scene together. And maybe after they do, she'll make another movie!

Dakota makes a creampie movie

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Warm Milk, A Pink Cookie & A Cream Pie

Posted on: March 26, 2014
Warm Milk, A Pink Cookie & A Cream Pie

There is truth in advertising. The title of this pictorial and video starring a great, new model named Marilyn Mayson is "Warm Milk, A Pink Cookie & A Cream Pie." Never has one title been so succinct. We are Mad Men when it comes to mams. Marilyn was discovered by an XLGirls staffer who always has his boob radar switched on and scanning for the best babes. Fortunately, Marilyn accepted the invitation to XLGirls and didn't think he was merely a crazy person with hidden motives. It could be the start of a beautiful friendship between Marilyn and the SCORE Studio where new, temporary bonds are formed between studs eager to satisfy them in erogenous recreation. Marilyn is the kind of girl who enjoys a lot of attention paid to her gorgeous and engorged 38H-cup sucklers, perky pointers that can reward her lucky worshipper with a taste of creamy nipple juice while she squeals and moans with sheet delight. JC is the recipient of Marilyn's dairy pleasure and Marilyn is overjoyed to have this worshipper open his mouth like an overgrown baby for her overflowing nipple nectar. Marilyn, who can easily suck her own nipples, and JC gorge on her squeezable tits until nature calls on them to move south and fill Marilyn's squeeze box with his own gift for her, a present of prick for her to suck on as lustily as he sucked on her nipples. After the ecstatic treats of warm milk and a pink cookie, it's time to serve Marilyn the cream pie, specially made in her honor. Thank you, Marilyn Mayson, and stay sweet to the taste until next time.

Warm Milk, A Pink Cookie & A Cream Pie

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Scarlet LaVey - Busty Bedazzler

Posted on: March 24, 2014
Busty Bedazzler

Scarlet LaVey is yet another great new Voluptuous babe who is ready to roll... in more ways than one (she's also a skateboarder) and make the most of her non-stop body, big 38H-cup boobs and beautiful face. Scarlet has what it takes to rocket to the top. She saw the SCORELAND website, the site and contacted our studio. One look and we were hooked. Call it lust at first bust. Scarlet was ready to raise the roof, and her top, quickly. She is not a chick to sit on the fence. Johnny has nine inches for Scarlet in this wild SCOREVideos debut and she is as hot to suck on it, and his balls, as he is to suck and lick those sexy, sweet-tasting nipples. She sucks on his dick on her hands and knees, she sucks the head of his cock as it slides past the deep valley of her amazing cleavage and she kneels before him to suck on his balls, spit a big stream of mouth juice on his cock and offer her big boobs for him to tit-fuck again. They fuck fast and furiously. Her love of the cock is in every frame! She fucks on top (her favorite), she fucks under him and she fucks in doggie. Scarlet bounces and bounces on his axe like she's on a trampoline. Her sex drive is in hyper-gear and she's making the most of it. Welcome another fantastic V-Girl to the V-Team! See more of Scarlet LaVey at SCORELAND.

Busty Bedazzler

See More of Scarlet LaVey at SCOREHD.COM!

Sofia Rose - Huge Tits & Raw Sex

Posted on: March 21, 2014
Huge Tits & Raw Sex

Sofia Rose makes her long-awaited debut at XLGirls and she is worth the wait! Sofia has been on our must-have list since 2006. A gorgeous face, killer boobs and a sexy bod always is, and as extra icing on the cake, Sofia now does boy-girl scenes.

Sofia has a multicultural background. She has Latin heritage and grew up in southern California but she doesn't speak Spanish. She now lives in New England.

Sofia says she's the sexually assertive type of woman and that assertiveness kicks off this scene with Tony. "I like a lot of dirty talk especially if it's with someone I've been out with for the evening. The anticipation build-up drives me wild. Once we are in the bedroom, or wherever, I love to dress up and talk dirty. Role play as foreplay is fun." With Sofia, anticipation is something to eagerly enjoy.

She pulls Tony to her and they tongue-kiss, her hand reaching down to squeeze his junk while he rubs her pussy though her panties. He turns Sofia around to fondle her 38JJ knockers. They are massive, beautiful boobs with dark brown areolae and darker nipples. "Want these fat titties?" Sofia teases, entices, tantalizes Tony. "Don't get too greedy," she taunts him as he buries his face between her mountains. Ah, this one likes to drive a guy insane with lust first.

Sofia pulls his underwear down to get at his already-erect man-horn. She takes it in her hand and her sexy mouth descends on it as the trip to paradise and ecstasy begins.

Sofia says she enjoys the anticipation and build-up of a sexual experience. That comes through the second this scene begins.

Click that mouse 'cause Sofia Rose is in the house!

Huge Tits & Raw Sex

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Jemini's Horoscope Calls For a Creampie

Posted on: March 18, 2014
Jemini's Horoscope Calls For a Creampie

"I'm in the mood for some nice, big cock right in my mouth," says Jemini Jordan, a 43-year-old blonde wearing sexy lingerie, as she rubs Tony's cock. "Awesome," Tony says. "Let me see this outfit." Jemini has a womanly body, all soft curves with a big, round ass that she likes to have spanked. A G-string looks good on that ass, and she enjoys showing it off. She also enjoys sucking cock, and best of all, she has a body that can take a hard fucking. And it does until Tony creampies her vagina, which is pretty impressive considering this is Jemini's first time fucking on-camera. Now, watching this video, you might think, "Jemini really loves cock. I betcha she really goes for it when she wants it." You might say that because of how well she gives a blow job. Or how she talks dirty while she's fucking. But the truth is, "I'm pretty passive sexually. Ninety-five percent of the time I wait for my husband to initiate sex. But I never turn it down." Jemini loves having her vagina eaten. Her favorite date is "dinner and a movie or dinner and dancing, but I'm really happy with dinner and a movie at home." Followed by sex, of course. "Of course!" she said.

Jemini's Horoscope Calls For a Creampie

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Diddling on vacation

Posted on: March 17, 2014
Diddling on vacation

Asheboro, North Carolina Store clerk Age: 24 Born: February 20 Ht: 5' Wt: 109 pounds Bras: 32B Panties: Sexy cotton Anal: Just with a toy BJs: Mostly spit Diddle: Of course. "I did this during a vacation in Miami," said Jordan. "It seems that everybody goes to South beach to go crazy. We weren't quite on South Beach but we could see it, so that was enough of an excuse for me to fulfill a fantasy and go crazy for the video and stills camera. I'd never act like this back home. People who know me there probably think I'm kinda snooty and quiet. Little do they know, but all the guys who see me and enjoy' me will see what I'm really like." Check out the photos, too.

Diddling on vacation

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Barbi Banks - This butthole for rent

Posted on: March 14, 2014
This butthole for rent

Barbi Banks, 48, has a room for rent. She's getting the place ready. She just happens to be doing so while wearing a pair of cut-off jeans shorts that exposes 50% of her butt cheeks. The potential renter is pretty sure he's interested in the room, and he's definitely interested in her ass.

Barbi believes in the hard sell. She strokes her prospective renter's arm than reaches down to stroke his cock. She needs a man who can help her around the house.

"Does this come with my rental?" he asks her while she takes his cock out.

"Let's see if there's something we can work out," she says. "Would that be okay?"

Damn right it is. But what the renter doesn't know yet is that Barbi has room in her ass!

To recap: Barbi is 48 years old. She's divorced. She's from California. She was sent to us by her daughter, Nikki. We don't think Nikki knew about the anal. Heck, she probably didn't know that her mom was renting out her room to guys who will fuck her ass, either.

This butthole for rent

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I've Been A Bad Girl

Posted on: March 13, 2014
I've Been A Bad Girl

"I've had a crush on my college professor for the entire semester," says perverted pixie, Genie Onyx. "It's all I can do to keep my legs shut while he lectures our class. I've tried and tried to get his attention after school, but he avoids me. I finally decided that the only way I was going to get him was to play out the ultimate teacher/naughty schoolgirl fantasy. I got all dolled up and waited for him on his desk before class. When he saw my legs akimbo, and my twat gushing through my panties, he couldn't resist. I must admit, he taught me a hard lesson, but I took every bit of what he wanted me to learn."

I've Been A Bad Girl

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Maxxin' Out!

Posted on: March 12, 2014
Maxxin' Out!

At 3:34 into the video "Maxxin' Out!", the amazing Kristi Maxx bounces her boobs up and down with her bra still on so that they drop into the cups, then fly up again. Colleges should show this video in physics classes to demonstrate Newton's law. Kristi's breast play is pure fun. Kristi's lovely hands eventually head further south where she rubs one out hard and she even fingers her butthole too. "I don't do this very often," Kristi admits. "I am like a guy," web-cammer Kristi said about fapping. "I either have to do it first thing in the morning or right before I go to bed." Once Miss Maxx has completed her melodic finger concerto, she resumes her energized demonstration of huge, natural boobs in eye-popping motion. Kristi says she likes to go bowling. We'd like to check that out one of these days. Here's a girl who should be seen in 3D! Warning: the flying boobs in this video may cause dizziness and vertigo! Thank you, Kristi!

Maxxin' Out!

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Kiki Marie - You Asked For This

Posted on: March 10, 2014
You Asked For This

Kiki Marie has a collection of men that keep her in beautiful dresses, expensive nylons and her favorite, pretty shoes. In return, she helps them live out their fantasies. This lover wanted to be blindfolded and seduced, and Kiki was more than happy to oblige. You see, Kiki adores her lovers' tribute being splattered all over her pantyhosed peds. Feeling the warm gush through the fine mesh makes her feel delicious and deviant and lets her know that she is being appreciated.

You Asked For This

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Mina Scarlett - Ride that phat ass

Posted on: March 07, 2014
Ride that phat ass

Mina enjoyed this scene and the stud's dick so much that after he shot his load all over her phat ass, she made him one of her regular booty calls whenever she comes down to Miami. The scene starts with Mina walking down the street in booty shorts. Half her ass is exposed, and she's shaking that phat ass in public, putting on an ass show that could cause an earthquake if we had earthquakes in Miami. Then Pike picks her up on his bike. Good move by him.

"Thanks for the ride," Mina says when they get back to her place. "Now you ready to ride this ass?"

Mina removes her booty shorts so we can get a better look, then Pike starts working that booty over, kneading it and sucking it. This gets Mina so turned-on that she swallows his cock, and while she's doing that, she's spreading her cheeks so we can look into her cunt and asshole. She rides that cock and gets on all fours so she can get fucked from behind, and while the dick's in her pink hole, she jiggles her cheeks some more. No surprise, then, that the guy coats her ass with cum.

There's nothing romantic about this scene. What you're about to see is what might happen if you picked up a hooker who takes pride in her work. We're not saying Mina's a hooker, but she definitely takes pride in her work.

Ride that phat ass

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Sunnie Dae - A learning experience

Posted on: March 05, 2014
A learning experience

Lives: Albany, Georgia; Occupation: Doctor's office receptionist; Age: 29; Born: January 1; Ht: 5'6"; Wt: 130 pounds; Bras: 36B; Panties: Always Victoria's Secret; Anal: Just getting into it; BJs: Swallow; Diddle: Not much.

"My boyfriend doesn't have much imagination when it comes to sex," said Sunnie. "I'm way more out-going than he is. I love to flirt with guys and flash 'em boobs or butt to get reactions. My guy just watches and smiles, so I guess you could say he's a voyeur. Well, me screwing a stud is probably taking that to the limit, but I've wanted to do it since we first checked out naughtymag. I'm not into checking out the size of the guy's dick because my man has a big enough dick to keep me happy. But I want to experience how a stud does a girl and, hopefully, learn a few things that I can teach my guy."

A learning experience

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Natalie Heart - Wet for Older Cock

Posted on: March 03, 2014
Wet for Older Cock

Natalie couldn't care less about young, inexperienced cock. Her daddy's older friend is a lot more appealing than any guy her age. So when she ends up alone with him in her room, she jumps at the chance to slobber on his cock and show him that even an 18-year-old can give good head. Her tight, fresh body--with pointy, perky titties and a neat, little slit--is ready for the pleasure that a man in his 40s can provide. Her coochy starts creaming as her dad's friend churns her coochy like he was making butter. Her coochy may be inexperienced, but she doesn't get worn out from a hard pounding. Her horniness lets her take it hard and deep and for a long time! Think you can keep up with her?

Wet for Older Cock

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Kandi Opens Wide

Posted on: February 28, 2014
Kandi Opens Wide

Kandi Kobain is back for a visit to XLGirls and you know what that means. Let the good times roll! Kandi is a brunette now. Those of you who've seen Kandi's earlier scenes may remember that she was blonde. As soon as Tony sits down on the couch, horny Kandi is on his lap and shoving her huge breasts in his face. And having your face stuck between Kandi's ample assets is a fantastic place to be stuck in. She pulls each tit out of her slip and lets him suck on her nipples like a baby. After he's had his fill of tit-lapping, Kandi is anxious to get at the root cause of the situation and pulls his jeans down. His rock-hard horn pops up and that pleases her to no end. Giving men railroad spike boners is her life's main pleasure. She licks and engulfs it like a lollipop, not forgetting to lick his balls, slurping and sliding up and down. She tickles and squeezes his nuts, drooling saliva on her hand and rubbing it on the balls. Her breasts rest on his thigh as she sucks. "You gonna fuck that cooch good?" Kandi asks, ready to get her snatch-hole impaled to the hilt. It's his sworn duty to ram her into outer space. Kandi will not be disappointed. Welcome back, Kandi Kobain.

Kandi Opens Wide

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Elara Elis - Elara gets what she wants

Posted on: February 26, 2014
Elara gets what she wants

"I think I'm gonna fuck that cock. I'm gonna suck that cock," 49-year-old Elara Elis says by way of introduction to She's a woman of her word. Before long, she's sucking that cock and riding that cock, and to finish things off, she sucks it a little more and enjoys a facial. Not bad for starters!

Elara is a wife from Florida. Her hobbies are SCUBA diving, reading and being a mom. She also likes bike riding and going to the gym. We asked her what kind of guys she likes and she said, "Nice ones. No drama. Handsome. A little dominant over me. Older and wiser."

"I'm an exhibitionist," she added. "I love being naked. I love being tied up and blindfolded and fucked. My fantasy is to have two guys or girls doing me."

Elara made this fantasy come true. We have no doubt she'll make that one come true, too.

Elara gets what she wants

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"Fuck My Asshole," Says Busty Milf

Posted on: February 24, 2014

It's nice when the busty neighbor lady comes out of her house wearing a sexy outfit and high heels, carrying a cool drink for a sweaty guy laboring in her backyard. She doesn't have to but her husband is out and she needs something to do and someone to talk to. It's even nicer when the MILF lady lets her hired help suck on her nipples after encouraging him to take a work break. This gal really is a doll. And hot for cock because she needs to get fucked. That's an unexpected perk for this workman. Mrs. Charleston needs it bad. Maybe her hubby doesn't fork over the man-meat at home. So it's even nicer when she drops to a squat and sucks his cock vigorously and skillfully. "Is this a tip?" Joey asks. She can't answer. His dick in her mouth is making it difficult to speak. They switch to a 69 on the table bench, the MILF on top, naturally. There might be splinters. She's super-aggressive and super-sexual, telling Joey to fuck her on the table. He slides into her cooch, she in reverse cowgirl and she's loving it. She gets on her knees for a doggie-fuck and backs up her coochy as hard as he thrusts. She really likes to fuck. She wants more. Another hole filled. "Fuck my ass," is her request. She wants that sausage in her tight butthole. The first anal drilling is with Mrs. Charleston on her back in missionary. His dick slides into her winky and off they go! Super-horny MILFs know what they want and they don't waste your time in getting it. She wants hot spunk in her ass. She asks and she will receive.

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Christina Kline - Ass Cream For Christina

Posted on: February 21, 2014
Ass Cream For Christina

After she juggles her 38G zeppelins up-close for him, Christina Kline's booty-call Sergio is ready to tackle the chesty redhead with his weapon drawn. If it's a showdown she wants, it's a showdown she'll get. Christina does not just give him an introductory blow job. She totally worships his rod down to the root, washing every millimeter with her tongue, cleaning his cock with expert licks. Christina has had a lot of practice with oral pleasuring. Her veiny danglehangers shake and jiggle as her mouth engulfs the shaft. Sergio holds her head as she swallows his cockhead and holds his cock for her so she can play oral games. He asks if she is ready for action. Christina happily nods and removes her panties. She scoots over and he lays back so she can mount his saddle cowgirl-style and ride in a hot and sweaty bout. Christina wants her ass fucked while her beaver is being filled sideways so Sergio unplugs and re-plugs into her butthole. The thrusts into her asshole drive her crazy as she diddles her clit, doubling her excitement. She wants his jizz injected into her tailpipe. Here's a girl who knows what she likes! Ass cream for dessert! This truly was a booty call.

Ass Cream For Christina

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Sport-sex With Sophia Jewel

Posted on: February 18, 2014
Sport-sex With Sophia Jewel

Busty lady Sophia Jewel wants a young man's dick in her beaver and mouth so she invites James over to sit on the bed next to her. She is aggressive and knows what she wants, and what Sophia wants, she gets and easily. Pulling his face into her big cleavage, Sophia wants her tits and beaver sucked and licked. As James sucks on her nipples, he fingers her mature cooch until it's wetter than a Florida canal. Sophia wants the taste of meat in her mouth and gets working on his hardening cock. She sucks his stiffie hands-free, making sexy sounds as she slurps because she knows that a woman's vocals during a blow job intensify a man's pleasure. He slides his sausage between her jugs and fucks them good, the head of his cock sliding into Sophia's waiting mouth. Finally it's time to fuck her slick snatch. Sophia can't wait. She needs it bad and has got to have it. This dude should thank his lucky stars for getting a sex-bomb like this riding his pole. Now about big-titted Sophia: she is not a swinger like many mature porn babes; she is not a nudist, however she was a stripper when she was younger; she likes role-playing and hard, dirty, rough sex that gets her off physically and emotionally, fulfilling a fantasy to be bad. "I am single at the moment so the only fucking I'm getting now is for videos," says Sophia who can also be seen at and When I'm seeing a man, I like to be fucked twice a day by him. I like young guys, especially when they are dominant like James was in this SCOREVideos. I started things but he finished it!" When you get a chance to fuck Sophia Jewel, we advise you to go for it.

Sport-sex With Sophia Jewel

See More of Sophia Jewel at SCOREHD.COM!

Harmony White - Tits & Tugs

Posted on: February 17, 2014
Tits & Tugs

Pretty newcomer Harmony White has breasts that demand attention, either by the hands of man or by her own hands. She caresses and squeezes her lovely and heavy hangers until her tit-fuck appointment arrives. Yes, this individual is a tit-fucker and provides a valuable service to girls who like to have a cock sliding between their boobs and get a firm grip on things.

Harmony is a web-cam girl and she likes to talk dirty during her cam shows. While she jerks, pumps and breast-bangs the dude, she keeps up a steady stream of horny jack talk until he busts a nut all over her beautiful big boobs. That always enhances the experience.

No surprise then, that this girl-next-door hears so many pick-up lines such as "Girl, you're an angel that fell from heaven. Wanna get naughty?" "That one was pretty funny," says Harmony who is a smokin' hot cutie that has us in the palm of her hand.

Tits & Tugs

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Jolie Rain - Bounce, Jolie, Bounce!

Posted on: February 14, 2014
Bounce, Jolie, Bounce!

Just follow her bouncing boobs! Jolie Rain bouncing on a work-out ball keeps the buxom redhead in excellent physical shape as well as provides cock stiffening quality entertainment for her tit-loving friend who's loving her exertions. As Jolie's tits bounce, her cunt is stimulated also which leads to an abrupt end to her exercises. They hit the couch for a bout of high-energy fucking and sucking. She wraps her lips around his dipstick and the action never stops. After such a dynamic work-out session, Jolie could use a protein shake to replenish her and she gets it all over her face. It's draining just watching her. Where's Jolie Rain been? She was in Iraq in the army serving her country. Now she's back and her tits are bigger, always a good thing at SCORELAND. Now that she's home in America, the girl from Cajun country spends her time training in mixed martial arts, auto maintenance, practicing her shooting (Jolie's a weapons expert), mixology, video games and cooking. She's a well-rounded vixen. Welcome back, Jolie Rain.

Bounce, Jolie, Bounce!

See More of Jolie Rain at SCOREHD.COM!

Dominant Divas

Posted on: February 12, 2014
Dominant Divas

Jordan likes obedience and she likes to bring men pleasure with her gams. That's why in this game of pleasure, she calls all the shots. Donning her sexiest dominatrix attire, Jordan takes matters into her own hands and takes her man to heel. When her lazy boyfriend plops down on the couch for another long night of T.V. watching, she lays down the law. She punishes him by making him lick her shoes and feet and then commands him to taste her core. Sometimes, in order to get a man to worship you and appease your hunger for satisfaction, you have to be stern with him. Judging by the size of his load, it seems Jordan's boyfriend has learned his lesson.

Dominant Divas

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Desiree Dalton - Cream for Desiree

Posted on: February 10, 2014
Cream for Desiree

Wearing sheer lingerie, a black thong, garters and stockings, 44-year-old Desiree Dalton is hot and sexy in her first video. Desiree is separated from her husband, but hasn't been separated from cock. Desiree is the kind of hottie men can't resist. She's tall (5'10"), has a great body (a firm, athletic 34D-25-35), loves sex and is a swinger.

"I became a swinger five years ago," Desiree said. "I have regular Sunday morning orgies with six couples."

Hey, some people play tennis, some play a round of golf, Desiree has sex with multiple partners.

Here, she's with one guy, and we get to see what private time with Desiree might be like. She's dressed for sex. She's teasing her man, telling him about all the guys who were looking at her all night. She says men were fucking her with their eyes. And now, she's going to get fucked with a cock.

There are some great moments in this video, such as when Desiree cums while sucking cock and getting her coochy fingered and later when she gets on all fours and lets her guy piston-fuck her mouth. Then she gets fucked some more until he cums inside her coochy. Fortunately, he gets out of the way so we can be alone with Desiree and her creamed cooch.

"This is the next step in my journey of self-exploration," Desiree said of modeling for Aren't we the lucky ones!

Cream for Desiree

See More of Desiree Dalton at SCOREHD.COM!

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